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Beauty coming from the cold……
Leave aside daily chores and enjoy a unique experience of softness and wellness on the borders of Scandinavia with the new collection “Boreal softness”.

If there are places whose primary beauty awakes emotions of rare intensity, the landscapes of the North of Scandinavia are part of them. Indeed, Lapland is the perfect reflection of these emotions.
The Sami are very respectful of nature, they live in harmony with it and draw their forces from the nature to master the elements.

This philosophy advocates that inner well-being is essential to physical well-being. To achieve this, the Sami apply old and traditional methods of massage and beauty treatments with natural products.
We chose the original organic, 100% natural and pure Cranberry extract that provides the skin with essential nutrients such as trace elements and mineral salts. As well as the moisturizing water from the glaciers, that will meet the needs of dry skins.

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