Being successful has to be learnt!

In professional life, it is essential to get trained in order to stay competitive. Our teaching approach consists of mixing practice and theoretical information in order to become expert in our protocols and products.

Thanks to this expertise, which will enhance your know-how, your company in its whole will progress.

If you are a retailer, you certainly took up the required initial training of 2 x 3 days (2 days for the face and 1 day for the body). These trainings are also open to former clients who would like to come back or bring a collaborator. During this training, you will especially focus on the basic care for the face as well as on 2 body spa wellness protocols.

If you want to improve your expertise and your skills with your customers, there are customized trainings. Specific protocols are thus addressed: body relaxing break, Gentle Sensi break, absolute Youth Break… each day of training will be totally dedicated to the practice of a single protocol.

If you want to improve your advice and sales of products, this 2 days training will be the ideal tool in order to learn how to sell without forcing the sale. More sales means more revenues!

If you feel concerned, you’re in the right place!
CFTM helps professionals to remain on top!

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Because you deserve to be listened to to develop your skills to be supported to be coached


    2 x 3 DAYS

    Our retailers are trained once they open an account..


    1 DAY

    It completes the initial training with more specific protocols.


    2 DAYS

    In partnership with PERENNIS specializing in sales training, you will learn how to sell without forcing the sale.